Img_3651 Winter Squash/Pumpkins-Mixed
Grower: Holy Terror Farm
Price: $35.00 ( Box: 25lb)
%> Available (Estimated): -2

A box of Alison and Jason's favorite winter squash and Pumkins - may include: Delicata, Spaghetti, Red Kuri (baby Red Hubbard), Butternut, Baby Bear pumpkin , Sweet Dumpling, Blue Ballet Hubbard, Galeux d'Eyesines (beautiful warty great for soups and baked), Rouge Vif D'etampes (large flat orange french pie pumpkin), Marina de Chiogga (Italian large dk bumpy green=baked or pie), Sunshine, Bonbon (Buttercup). Store gently in a cool (55 degree) and dry place and they should last for months.