devils tail farm

We have been growing a Russian red hard neck garlic for years. Original stock was brought out to Colo. with us from Maine 8 years ago. Bought at Maine’s MOFGA Common Ground Fair 12 years ago we have been growing this hardy variety. It is spicy, peels easily and is a great seed stock as well fabulous in the kitchen. We have been selling wholesale for years and have aprox. 1500 head avail. yearly. We would like to expand our crop and explore selling through a local coop type sight such as this. We still have aprox 30 or more lbs for sale this year. We are not certified organic but grow without any chemicals. Simply compost and mulching. We also will have other produce available. We would like to explore what people are looking for. We also are exploring the market for sun dried tomatoes and chem free organic garlic powder made from our smaller unsaleable garlic. Looking forward to meeting and talking with you.
Robin Kauffman

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