Bella Farm

Certified Organic

Bella Farm is a first generation biodynamic family farm founded in 2005. Adam, Alison, and our three growing children are the heart and soul of our farm. Bella Farm produces a huge range of food products for our valued customers. A Brown Swiss cowherd produces raw milk, grazing diversified pastures without supplemental feed. We have developed our own breed of homestead chicken, the Eldorado, to produce excellent meat quality on pasture and lay eggs during cold weather. Our market vegetable garden raises many crops from seeds we have saved ourselves, grown in rich polycultures that stack functions and increase yield. Young peach and apricot trees are being planted to slowly replace our century-old apple orchard. Medicinal plants are cultivated and processed into herbal compounds for human health. A year round food forest thrives in our greenhouse, enabling us to produce Mediterranean crops in the mountains of Colorado. Each of these production systems is integrated with the others, creating a farm where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

We thank you for supporting the great American tradition of family farms and are honored to be able to serve your family with the most nutritious and healthful foods on Earth.

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