Terra Fata Farm

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We raise heritage breed chickens and dairy goats a few miles from downtown Paonia on beautiful Garvin Mesa. The chickens are fed locally and organically grown grains including triticale, oats, and barley. We sprout the grains and mix them with sprouted organic sunflower seeds, flax seeds, kelp, natural mineral supplements, oyster shell, and raw goat milk. The chickens do not eat soy or corn. The majority of their diet comes from foraging – they are happily roaming hens that eat delicious bugs, tender alfalfa, dandelion, grass, and groundfall fruit in the 7 acre orchard. In winter, they scratch through alfalfa hay for extra protein. The eggs have a rich deep orange yolk that sits high in the pan. The shell colors are unique to each chicken, and we have many different rare breeds that lay an assortment of colorful eggs. Our hens are beautiful, healthy, happy ladies.

We also raise dairy goats that have free range access to pasture and scrubland and are fed organically and locally grown hay and grain.

We sometimes have apples and pears in the fall for canning, freezing, cider and jam projects.

No chemicals ever used.

Right now we have baby goats, and soon little chicks! We invite you to come visit our farm so you can see for yourself how much love, attention and care we give our animals.

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