Holy Terror Farm


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Alison and Jason, who both co-founded this website in 2009, moved to Holy Terror Farm in Paonia in April 2010, formerly know as Terror Creek Ranch. The farm is named after Holy Terror Creek which sometimes rages through the property, but most often just provides wonderful water for our gardens and orchards.

We strive to go well beyond an “Organic” certification. We vertically integrated all aspects of the farm, using animals and vegetables together to minimize external inputs as much as possible. Why turn the compost by hand, when the pigs can do it? Why mow or spread fertilizer on your fields when cows just naturally do their thing and chickens can assist spreading with their scratching? Why buy organic petroleum based fertilizer when you can make your own compost?

We are currently focusing mostly on our personal self-sustainability, and sell our excess produce on this market. In 2010, we were mostly self-sustainable on food fresh and preserved from the farm. We only wish we could grow coffee, chocolate, and mine salt!

Thanks for supporting local farmers!

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