Desert Weyr, LLC


We are a small family farm producing grass finished lamb, mutton and wool products. We raise Black Welsh Mountain sheep bred for top performance on forages. Our lamb and mutton are entirely grass finished. We have a full range of cuts for your dining pleasure here at the farm. We do not ship any meat products.

In addition to our heritage meat products we offer raw fleeces to the handspinner, roving and spun yarn from our sheep both at the farm and via mail order.

We do provide vaccinations to our stock and deworming as needed by testing. We do not use any growth hormones or routine antibiotics on any of our animals.

Farm tours including tours of area wineries by reservation or when our Delta County Farm and Ranch Tour flag is flying. We will also be open on Saturdays from 11am -5pm from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. Winter Hours by appointment.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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