The Living Farm (TLC Greenhouse)


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Here on the Living Farm growing naturally starts from the ground up. We work with the soil to create a nutrient and micro organism rich foundation for our plants to grow in. Animal fertilizer from our own organically raised livestock and crop rotation coupled with natural mineral nutrients feed the soil. No synthetic chemicals or pesticides are used. These rich soils produce nutrient rich grains, hay and pastures which feed The Living Farm livestock. As it currently stands, The Living Farm owns 130 acres and is leasing 80 acres. Our farm is a really exciting place; we have wonderful crops and animals. Our farm crops include: naturally grown grass and alfalfa hay, all natural barley, triticale and non GMO corn, wonderful grass pastures and compost by the piles.

The animals on our farm include: brown and green egg laying hens, meat chickens, Icelandic and East Frisian Sheep for meat, milk and wool, pigs, Angora rabbits for wool, and heritage turkeys. Our vegetable crops include: salad greens, lettuces, spinach, arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, squash, carrots, corn and more. Our wool products include: raw fleece, carded bats, dyed roving, hand made wool mittens, gloves, hats and woven rugs.

Also on our farm we have a Professional Small Farms School. Our Small Farms programs are exciting, total immersion programs designed to involve students in as many of our animal, vegetable, farm production and marketing activities as possible. Our Summer Seasonal Program is for anyone who wants to experience an organic sustainable farm but is not interested in having their own farm. Our three year Professional Small Farms Program is designed to take a person from novice to farming proficient in small farm skills. Once you have completed the Professional Small Farms Program, you may apply for the mentorship program that follows the Professional Small Farms Program that will help you to get started on your own farm.

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